I have filled you with the Spirit of God, with skills, ability, and Kmowledge in all kinds of crafts. Exodus 31:3

Friday, March 3, 2017

New blog-first post

 Hello I'm so happy to be back blogging. I took a break for quite a long while, as life gets in the way sometimes. I used to blog at rosebudquilting.blogspot.com, I went back and forth with some ideas  for other blog topics because I enjoy so many hobbies, besides quilting, there's knitting, crochet soapmaking, embroidery, candlemaking, aromatherapy, flowers and gardens, baking, reading and home decor.

I've decided to share my love of stamping and handmade notecard making, something I've been doing for many years.  I'll be weaving in bits and  pieces of "me", my faith, quotes I like, things that inspire me and the like.  Of course, I hope to share the final product "handmade notecards" and how I use them.    This will not be just a stamping blog but a place where some of my story will come out in hopes to bring glory to the Lord. Thank you for coming along and sharing my journey.

Saved by grace, blessings

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